Virgin Coconut Oil
200 ml     250 ml    500 ml
Our Virgin Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconuts. We process the oil through natural fermentation, as we abide by the concept of working in harmony with nature, which includes the microorganisms that work hard to separate the coconut oil from the protein and water.

Our fresh coconuts come from the surrounding barangays in Gasan, the most common variety is called Laguna tall. We buy the coconuts higher than the prevailing copra price, freeing the farmers from the backbreaking work of  drying the nuts that last for at least 3 days.

We contribute in preventing air pollution caused by smoke coming from  the kiln drying-- the most common method used by the farmers to produce copra. It  is not only destructive  to the environment but  also hazardous to the health of the farmers.
Extracted through fermentation or crystallization processes using freshly grated coconuts. Not chemically refined, bleached or deodorized
200 ml 
500 ml 
250 ml wide-mouth  bottle