Our Vision


    Decades of false information lead us to believe that coconut is bad for our health; that imported bees are superior to local bees; that local herbs are stuff for quack doctors; that artificial chemicals and pesticides make better farm yield.

    It  will take a concerted effort and a lot of convincing to enlighten our minds to the contrary.

    Part of our program is to create awareness of the tremendous value of our indigenous materials. Our collective knowledge can help ensure the survival and growth of the animal and plant species that produce these raw materials. All species including humans are interdependent with one another. To cause unwarranted harm to one can adversely affect our ecosystem and eventually our source of living.

    We’re blessed with long coastal lines and good climate suitable for growing coconuts where bees can gather food all-year round.  Our aim is to transform these gifts from heaven into economic opportunity for the farming communities.



    The establishment in Marinduque of the village- type oil mill and the development of local apiculture will serve as a template for our plan to expand to the rest of the coconut-producing provinces in the Philippines. Our strategy is  to bring the manufacturing  operation close to the source of raw materials.  This is in direct contrast to the common practice of shipping the raw materials from rural areas to the factories in the urban areas where advanced service facilities, infrastructure, and supplies are readily available.

    We aim to break this cycle of developmental imbalance by producing the finished products in the impoverished areas and sell it profitably to the more affluent  markets.  This will result in employment opportunities in the local communities, assured market for the farmers who produce the raw materials, better profit margin for the  local agents and store owners, steady source of cargos for the local shippers, and increased tax revenue for the local government.



    The success of our business model is dependent on how we can make our operation as green as possible. One reason big firms shy away from investing in rural areas is due to the inadequacy of infrastructure facilities.  Electricity and transportation, which are dependent on petroleum, are unreliable and costly,  a sure deterrent to big factories that need a lot of power to operate.

    Our solution is to manufacture goods that conform to nature.  We don’t rely on big machines that are power-hungry; instead, we depend on the microorganisms and insects to manufacture the oil and wax for us.  We don’t rely on artificial chemicals but count on coconuts, bee by-products and herbal extracts to concoct safer products for consumers.  We contribute to increase food production by allowing our bees to pollinate fruit-bearing trees and vegetables sans the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Our finished products have long shelf life, which can endure shipping delays, as opposed to exporting raw materials that can  easily rot in ports.



    It is only fitting  for our company to promote natural farming in Marinduque because our bees’ survivability depends on their habitat free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Fortunately, most coconut trees in the islands grow without the aid of these toxic substances but a lot more needs to be done to sustain the health of the land. By-products that can be derived from the coconut will play a vital role towards the fulfillment of this goal.

    Our company intends to explore and pursue natural farming in collaboration with local farmers, one of the important goals of which is to supply us with organic materials like herbal extracts and oils needed for our product-line. We also intend to promote the propagation of local breed of livestock, to be raised using local food sources.

    We value the diversity of life and the interdependence of species because the growth of our business is intertwined with the sustainability of our natural resources.



    We aim to provide products that are free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and fillers. Our products doesn’t contain petroleum-based ingredients such as petrolatum and paraffin wax. There’s a lot of love we poured in the manufacture of our products because we all deserve the best.